House Cleaning is hard manual labor but when done by professionals it can be efficient knowing what tools and techniques to use. Newer homes today have many upgraded surfaces such as granite, hardwoods or laminate, stainless steel, marble, etc. Knowledge of these surfaces and how to clean them is critical to get them looking their best without damaging the surface. Most cleaners know to use caution and to be conservative with cleaning products. Many customers may prefer a specific product be used on the surfaces in their homes and we are happy to do that if they provide the product.

As I mentioned this is hard manual labor. In the end the most important thing in house cleaning is technique and use of time. While different cleaners may implement different strategies to be efficient the end result should be the same. It is also important to note that houses get worn with age and use. Some surfaces may become faded or scratched from use over time and cleaning alone can not always return then to like-new condition. Mini-blinds can be a concern if they become very dirty over time. The small blade vinyl blinds with plastic wands are easily bent or broken and can be very time consuming to clean. There are times when it is more cost effective to replace than clean them. We let the customer make the decision on this as it is their money. Dirt combined with light and heat on vinyl blinds can often stain them and in those cases they may not look much better after cleaning than before.

House cleaning services will clean the inside of the house and can clean inside of appliances and cupboards/cabinets/drawers/etc. Most do not have equipment for carpet cleaning or tile/grout cleaning so if needed a professional floor company is recommended. The same can be true for windows. Especially if you have two stories or vaulted ceilings.. Professional window cleaning companies will have the tall ladders and other equipment to deal with those situations.

Another challenging situation is mold and grease. Mold and fungus can be difficult to remove and in some cases can be dangerous to your health. Areas that stay damp for extended periods of time can develop mold that grows in to the surface, under tile, or inside walls. In severe cases this may require some demolition to kill and remove the mold. Grease on kitchen appliances can take time to remove and can also discolor or damage surfaces if it has severe build up and been there any length of time.


We recommend as best practice to use a lock box for keys to your home so the cleaner has access on your service day when you are not home. If you provide your cleaner with a key to hold on to the key stays in possession of the cleaner. If that cleaner is not available on the day of service for any reason a alternate cleaner will not have access to your home. The lock box uses a code that you can change as needed.

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Holidays are coming quickly, you can use gift cards redeamable for house cleaning for friends and family in Collin County. Give them a gift of a clean home and more quality family time.

Pricing for House Cleaning

We charge all jobs hourly and we feel that is fairest and most accurate way to price for both us and the customer. Here is why.

Flat price companies will estimate cleaning time based on many variables and for most companies they build in an added cushion to make sure they do not lose money if they underestimated the time. That means all customers pay a little more than it should normally cost in order for them to avoid losing money on some homes. In the end house cleaning is manual labor and labor is about time. While flat price companies do not present it that way in the end all pricing is based on some calculation of how long the job will take applied to an hourly rate. They just do not share their math with you.